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Services Provided by Christian Counseling Center of Knoxville

Below is a general description of just a few of the services

that are provided at the Christian Counseling Center of Knoxville.

Our Center has experience in all of these areas.

Our Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

We all face struggles in our lives. If you are struggling with personal issues, such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, grief, life direction, emotional control, infertility, abortion, post-partum depression—an experienced counselor can help if you get stuck in these areas and can aid you in moving forward in life.

Marriage Counseling

There can be many problems within a marriage, such as lack of effective communication; change of life issues, such as job loss, relocation, empty nest, and elderly parent care. Some problems within a marriage are much more serious, like moral issues, such as infidelity and pornography. It is important to a have a seasoned counselor with experience to help you maneuver these difficult paths.

Family Counseling

Family counseling involves remarriage and blended family issues, adoption, helping families function as a healthy unit, and promoting growth for each individual.

Couples Counseling

Couples will often find themselves in need of guidance for direction in problem solving and gaining new perspectives on issues.

Premarital Counseling

Pre-marital counseling is generally set up for six sessions, focusing on 10 specific issues related to adjustments in the marriage relationship. It also involves assessing different personalities with the Myers-Briggs or the Taylor-Johnson instruments that can give insight for adjustments in marriage.

Adolescent Struggles

Who am I and what is going on in my life? Adolescents struggle with a variety of adjustments in life. Sometimes it can be stressful as they move into adulthood. The new responsibilities that the impending adulthood promises can be frightening. Adolescent’s feelings are often a challenge and they must learn to deal with them in appropriate ways.

Grief/Loss Support

Grief is a response to loss–grief can be complicated by circumstances surrounding the loss. We all need help in maneuvering the darkness of our pain.


This is one of the most prevalent problems facing us today. Addictions to alcohol and drugs affect our social lives and family relationships. Our physical health is often affected. An example of this is dependency on prescription medications and/or street drugs. Technology has opened up new avenues for addiction to pornography and unhealthy sexual preoccupations. Another area of addiction is entertainment, such as sports gambling.

Spiritual Issues

All of us go through personal issues, job loss, changes in life situations, parent-child issues, marital problems, etc. We often question God as to why this is happening to us. Why has God abandoned me? Why am I not feeling close to God? In many other ways we are looking for answers to our spiritual concerns.

Stress Management

Stress is a part of all our lives. It is a reaction to many common situations in life, such as work, children, marriage, extended families, neighbors, etc. It is one of the major causes of health issues. One of the efforts made in counseling is to help someone understand their own personality and how that may be related to self-induced stress.