Christian Counseling Center of Knoxville

Biblically-Based Counseling is Who We Are

Christian Counseling Center of Knoxville was established in 1984. CCC offers Biblically-based counseling for individuals, couples, adolescents, and families who are facing any number of difficulties or challenges in life, such as anxiety, anger, depression, problem relationships, and spiritual conflicts.

Our goal is to provide counseling insights for resolution and understanding of the root causes of these issues in an effort to encourage growth, both psychologically and spiritually in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Mission

The mission of Christian Counseling Center is defined in the three “E’s.” The first is to ENCOURAGE all by providing love and support and insight. The second is to EQUIP with an understanding of God’s Word and how it can be applied to their situation as well as God’s desire for involvement in their lives. Thirdly, EMPOWERMENT is accomplished by the participants seeking and allowing the Holy Spirit more control in their lives.